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September 8, 2009: Space Children

As gamers, we're all kids at heart. (Which, er, I guess means kids who are gamers have two hearts? I'll have to look into this.) So why not embrace this a bit more literally? Be a kid while being a kid at heart?

Here, let me move to the paragraph where I start making sense. We've got a new book! It is called Transhuman Space: Personnel Files 5 - School Days 2100. It has several school-age characters you can drop into your campaign and a campaign you can use if you don't have a campaign to drop them into. It's about five bucks, it's over there on e23, and it's the perfect thing for those precious few times when you don't want to play a cyborg/assassin/courtesan/furry in the 22nd century. Just, um, don't take them into a firefight, 'kay?

Seriously. I think my cat is built on more points. Dis one's for da roleplayas.

-- Fox Barrett

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