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September 11, 2009: Swine Flu Is Still the Flu

Sensationalist media continues to fall back on Swine Flu as "The Next Thing that Could Kill You!" to get their ratings. The CDC does caution that H1N1's most severe symptoms seem to appear in a demographic younger than the average flu victim, but there isn't much evidence that it is "The Big One."

That said, the swine flu is still the flu, which sucks. Nobody likes having a fever, feeling lousy, and sniffling all the time. And if you have an underlying condition, normal flu season can land you in the hospital.

So, regardless of the activity of H1N1, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze. Wash your hands frequently. Stay home if you're already sick. Get plenty of rest and fluids, whether or not you're feeling ill.

Really, we shouldn't need a pandemic to remind us how to keep healthy.

-- Paul Chapman

The ironic thing about this entry is, of course, I wrote it before leaving for Penny Arcade Expo. What happens at PAX? Confirmed cases of H1N1, now known as "PAXpox" or "the nerd flu," that's what. If you attended PAX, check out this list of flights that were confirmed to be carrying the darling little bugs. And next year, when an Enforcer offers you hand sanitizer, take them up on it. --pkc

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