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September 6, 2009: Meet Your Distributor!

Publishers publish, and retailers sell. But how do the games and books move from one to the other? Distributors!

Your friendly local game stores rely on their distributor to keep them in the know, and to get the games you want onto their shelves. They keep in close contact with their sales rep, often speaking to them daily. Sadly, these relationships are too commonly just voices on the phone.

The solution to the disembodied voice issue is an event where distributors host a gathering of sales reps, retailers, and publishers. In fact, there's one happening this week: the ACD Game Day in Madison, Wisconsin.

If you're a retailer in the Midwest with an ACD account, this is a golden opportunity to put a face to that voice you've been buying from, plus play some games, talk to publishers, and interact with your fellow retailers. We'll be there (and by "we" I mean Phil, SJ, and Ross), talking about our upcoming non-Munchkin Kovalic-illustrated game. If you're not a retailer, remind your FLGS manager of the event; who knows? Maybe he'll bring you back some nice swag!

If you're on the East Coast, you can attend the Diamond/Alliance Retailer Summit in Baltimore in just about a month. Phil will be there as well, taking Will along to run Nanuk and Revolution!

-- Paul Chapman

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